Abedi Fracht- und Handel GmbH


Best possible service is most important! You cannot only count on us, when it's about a friendly first contact, but also that we'll keep on helping you reliably and friendly. After handing us over your commodities we ensure a save transport to the destination.

We are always in contact with specialists on-site, to assure a smooth and trouble-free order of events. That way we can always tell you where your commodities are currently at.

our world-wide network allows us to offer you these services:
  • World-wide maritime-traffic
    • FCL Container
    • LCL general cargo
    • conventional shipment
    • HGV Transport
    • see freight
  • World-wide air freight services
  • Import payment of duty
  • Logistics and Outsourcing
  • Crosstrade
  • heavy freight conveyance and project embarkation

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.